Winning In The Highly Competitive Home Care Industry

It’s official. Baby boomers are starting to retire, making the senior care and home care industries extremely competitive. With over 30 points that set us apart from other in home companies, it’s no coincidence that FirstLight HomeCare is fast becoming the leader in the in home care industry. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few services and that put us at the top:

  1. Dementia Care:  FirstLight HomeCare offers care designed specifically for those suffering from Dementia or memory loss. Our caregivers receive special training and are certified through our training program. We train our caregivers in this specific service no matter how much experience they may already have because we want to guarantee that our FirstLight HomeCare quality service standards are met and go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.
  2. Telehealth: Used to directly improve in home retention rates and reduce hospital readmissions with clients.
  3. Readmission Rescue Program: FirstLight partners with hospitals to help track and reduce readmissions and provide factual and meaningful data to hospital administrators.
  4. Fully HIPPA Compliant Operating System: FirstLight HomeCare caregivers are trained in patient privacy and maintain strict confidentiality with all clients.
  5. Most Experienced Management Team in the Industry: With over 85 years’ experience in senior care and home care success, our management team understands in-depth the ins and outs of the industry, which is why we hold our franchisees and caregivers to high standards and expectations. Our management team is proactive to industry trends and changes thus giving our franchise owners a constant competitive advantage.
  6. Monthly Client Satisfaction Measurement: Once a month, each franchise location participates in a client satisfaction survey. These surveys are given over the phone by a third party to random clients in each specific territory.  FirstLight HomeCare is the only national network in the industry that measures client satisfaction on a monthly basis, in every office, for every market. Through our third party service, our owners receive their results within minutes after the client has completed the survey, are able to review, administrate and implement improvements or changes needed.

These are only a few examples as to how and why FirstLight HomeCare is one of the leaders in the senior and home care industries.  To find out what else sets us a part from other competitors, visit our franchise information page. If becoming a part of the FirstLight family sounds like a perfect opportunity for you or someone you know, feel free to request more information here or give us a call toll free at 866. 985. 5348.

A Day in the Life of a FirstLight HomeCare Franchisee

No two FirstLight HomeCare franchisees are the same. Our home care franchisees come from a variety of professional, ethnic and industry backgrounds.  However, that doesn’t mean their daily goals as a FirstLight HomeCare owner aren’t the same.  Each home care franchise owner approaches each day with the same goals in mind: “How many people can we help today? And how can we provide exceptional service and best improve the well-being, of our clients?” For FirstLight HomeCare owners, it’s about the rewarding aspects of helping families care for loved ones and their communities. To be frank, it’s not easy being an owner; each day is fast-paced, and requires careful management of several moving parts simultaneously, all with patience, kindness, in-depth industry knowledge and with the client’s best interest in mind.

At FirstLight, we have adopted a two person approach to our business model; Networker and Care Coordinator.  As the Networker, a FirstLight HomeCare franchisee may participate in networking events; tradeshow, call on potential referral sources or perhaps visit a family for an “in home assessment”.  Building the brand and obtaining referral sources is of utmost importance.

As the Care Coordinator FirstLight HomeCare owners are sourcing, interviewing and hiring potential caregivers and employees. This task is incredibly crucial to all owners.  Much of your success as a FirstLight home care franchisee will reside with your staff and caregivers specifically.  As such, before opening their FirstLight HomeCare franchise, owners are trained and provided proprietary tools specifically on hiring the proper caregivers. We look for certain characteristics and qualities in our caregivers to ensure that all team members embody our Culture of Care philosophy. 

FirstLight HomeCare home care franchisses are truly special people. They are people who wish to better their community, serve others and seek the rewarding satisfaction that they made a difference in someone’s life today. FirstLight HomeCare owners truly are extraordinary people who care exceptionally.

If you or someone you know would like more information about becoming a FirstLight HomeCare franchise owner, please feel free to check out our franchising website  download a franchise information kit, or give us a call with any questions: 1.866. 985.5348

FirstLight HomeCare is More Than a Senior Care Franchise

What separates FirstLight HomeCare from other home care services within the home care and senior care industries? The fact that we consider what we do as more than just selling people a business. We approach helping people go into business for themselves with a specific mindset, a culture, and a habit of principles formed from a passion of caring for others. We realize seniors aren’t the only people seeking a caring and helpful hand. FirstLight HomeCare offers personal care for seniors and non-seniors; disability care, recovery and rehabilitation care for your loved one.

We understand that when it comes to caring for your family or loved one, empathy, compassion, understanding and more are expected and deserved.  We guarantee through our Culture of Care philosophy to deliver service excellence.  For clients needing disability care, we offer daily care such as bathing, personal hygiene, and eating, as well as companionship and several other services. For more information regarding our disability care please visit our disability services page.

For our clients needing rehabilitation services and care we offer helpful services to build back their independence, allowing them to get back to their normal, daily routine after an injury or surgery. From household chores and cooking meals, to running errands-we can help you while you recover. For more information on the rehabilitation and recovery care services we offer, please visit “Rehabilitative Care Services” page

At FirstLight HomeCare, we realize that we can help so many people-not only seniors-but others in need as well. To find out more information on all our services we offer, visit our “How We Help” page.

If you or someone you know may be interested in becoming a FirstLight HomeCare owner, please visit our “Franchise Opportunities” page or download a Franchise Information Kit. Better yet, just give us a call with any questions: 1.866.985.5348. We’re always happy to help.

Franchise Expansion Plans Target the Northwest: From Seattle to Portland, FirstLight HomeCare Seeks New Franchise Owners

Recently we announced our plans to increase our senior care franchising expansion efforts out West, even more specifically the Northwest.  Northern California, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming-all states and territories that FirstLight HomeCare is seeking new franchise owners.

At FirstLight HomeCare though, because of our Culture of Care philosophy, we are looking for owners who have a desire to make a difference each day in someone’s life. Maybe even someone who’s “been there” and knows what it’s like to take care of a loved one who needs elderly care or senior care. A senior care franchise owner who wants to not only help take care of the client, but the client’s family as well; to give back to their community.

Our owners come from a variety of backgrounds and industries; HR, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, sales; the list is broad and endless. So whether a potential owner is familiar with the personal care and senior care industries or not, makes no difference. FirstLight HomeCare senior care franchise owners are thoroughly trained and educated regarding the personal and senior care industries, and officially become owners upon graduating from FirstLight HomeCare training. After the initial training is completed, owners have continued support and training opportunities, not only for themselves, but for their caregivers and employees as well.

Our home care franchise and senior care franchise owners all possess extraordinary traits, and successfully make a difference in the lives of their clients and their families each and every day, while providing a stable and profitable income for their own families, and of course setting a strong example in their community as to what’s possible by simply caring for others in need.

If you are interested in becoming a FirstLight HomeCare franchise owner in the Northwest and would like more information, please feel free to check out our franchising site, download one of our franchise information kits, (or even give us a call: 1.866.985.5348. We’d love to speak with you regarding possible opportunities in your market!

Our Senior Care Franchises: A Culture of Care

FirstLight HomeCare is founded and built upon a foundation of experience in health care and senior care, but more specifically, experience in caring for a loved one.  From corporate staff to franchisees, to caregivers, many of us have faced the challenges of caring for a friend or loved one. So, when we say we understand what clients and their families are going through-we truly do.  This understanding, knowledge and industry experience is what inspires our Culture of Care promise and what differentiates us as a leader in the senior care industry.

Our Culture of Care promise radiates throughout our entire franchise system; from clients and families to caregivers, from franchisees to the communities we serve, and of course all the way to our corporate office. We believe each FirstLight HomeCare franchise should be grounded on our family values and principles that will allow each franchisee to administer the best quality care and experience. Our goal is to exceed client, community, referral sources and vendors’ expectations.

FirstLight HomeCare franchisees understand that our Culture of Care philosophy is a promise on which all of our franchises must be founded upon and operated. It’s how we distinguish ourselves from other home care providers. With our Culture of Care promise comes tools, support and strategies to our franchisees that allow them to deliver extraordinary senior care and services for clients, families, communities and everyone we work with.

If you are interested in the senior home care industry and would like to make a difference in others’ lives with the FirstLight HomeCare family, please visit our franchise website for more information, or download our franchise kit. To speak with a FirstLight HomeCare family member directly, give us a call at: 866.985.5348.


Building Wealth Through Owning a Franchise

Owning a franchise offers the chance to build wealth not just financially, but in self-satisfaction, establishing and accomplishing long-term dreams, goals, and knowledge, and through building a sense of community.

People who wish to own their own business should realize that owning a franchise is one of the best ways to satisfy the entrepreneurial spirit. In today’s economy, franchises offer stability and security-more in some industries than others; According to the International Franchise Association, the chances of success for someone who starts their own business, compared to someone who purchases a franchise are 4-5 times lower! People who wish to start their own business often underestimate the background, research, evaluation, analysis and infrastructure that must be in place to increase the odds of success Franchise owners can rely on the proven systems, tools, support staff, and technology provided by the franchisor.

Becoming a franchise owner builds wealth through sense of community as well. Depending on the industry you choose there are several opportunities to give back to your community; through sponsorships local organizations and fundraisers that pertain to your franchise industry and core values.

Owning a franchise can build your wealth in several ways; through profits and growth, building and maintaining a sense of community within your local market, or accomplishing a much-anticipated desired dream of owning your own business. Franchise ownership has the ability to build a lifetime of wealth for you, your family and community.

For more information on FirstLight HomeCare franchise ownership download our franchise information kit or visit our FirstLight HomeCare Franchising site. You can also give us a call with any questions you may have: 866.985.5348


FirstLight HomeCare Trailblazing Brand in to the West

At FirstLight HomeCare, we want the right people operating our franchises; people who understand our Culture of Care, our brand promise and the senior care industry. Over our first two years, we have noticed that our natural growth in franchises has occurred throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast. We now look to the West for our next great adventure. Our research indicates that there are several optimal territories in the western United States that are currently or will be hot spots for retirement within the next five to ten years.

Metro areas, such as Las Vegas, NV, Boise, Idaho, Provo, UT, Carson City, NV, as well as multiple cities in California, Montana, and Oregon, are experiencing rapidly growing elderly populations (according to

While FirstLight already has several locations in California, Arizona and Colorado, there is plenty of open territory to expand the brand! For these territories, we’re looking for the right people to become franchisees with us, to expand our FirstLight services, customer care, and family. If you or someone you know may be interested in operating your own FirstLight HomeCare franchise, whether out West or in another territory, feel free to download our Franchise Information Kit , visit our FirstLight HomeCare Franchise website, or give us a call to receive more information: (866) 985.5348.